SBLOKIT is an easy to use sign panel separator for use with Roadwork Traffic Management Multi Message Signs (MMS).

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SBLOKIT is a Main Roads WA approved device used to maintain separation between co-existing Multi Message Sign (MMS) Panels. It was developed, designed, and trialled by an accredited Roadworks Traffic Manager in Western Australia to address three common non-compliance issues with MMSs with one simple to use device. SBLOKIT is proudly produced locally in Western Australia from 100% recyclable material to support a zero-waste economy.

Use SBLOKIT in your current business model to increase workflow efficiency, maintain compliance with road safety regulations, and reduce operating costs.

Shown below are three ways in which SBLOKIT can be used:

APPLICATION 1: Prevent MMS panels from sliding and covering other panels with 1 SBLOKIT

APPLICATION 2: Create all three standard DETOUR and PEDESTRIAN detour signs on site using just two panels* and 1 SBLOKIT

APPLICATION 3: Create all standard Lane Status sign configurations on site using 11 panels** and 3 SBLOKITS

* 2 panels made by cutting arrow from standard panel as 300 mm x 300 mm panel and replaced in desired direction left or right of DETOUR or PESDESTRIAN section of panel as per the standards.
** Requires 11 panels shown below MMS example to be manufactured and supplied as 300 mm x 600 mm panels by sign suppliers